P2 Time Travellers!

On Wednesday 13th of March P2M had ‘the best day ever!’ at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. First we enjoyed a Dinosaur Storytelling workshop where we were able to hold lots of old fossils and even fossilised dinosaur poo! We even had a chance to be palaeontologists and gently brush away sand to discover fossils and identify what dinosaurs they once were.

After that we travelled back in time to the beginning of Planet Earth! We stood on a volcano and felt it rumble underneath our feet. We saw glaciers forming landscapes right in front of our eyes and even touched massive ice blocks like there might have been in the ice age. Finally we took a 4D flight across the climate zones of our planet- it even snowed on the plane! It was such an adventure.

“I liked the ice bit when I got to touch the ice. It was very very very very cold!” Isaac

“I really liked the plane bit because we got to see a rhino up close” Clara

“I liked going in the time machine because I like how it looked really real” Anon

“I liked the flight best because we got to wear glasses to make it 3D” Brodie

“I liked when it was raining foam when we were on our flight and when I got freezing cold by the ice berg” Farah

Thank you to Mrs Sage, Mrs Mullen and Mrs Campbell who came along to support us.  We hope you enjoyed it too!