Fairyland Tea Party

Yesterday, P2 hosted a Fairyland Tea Party for our parents and carers. We shared our fairy tale books that we have been writing and we showed our visitors our Fairyland classroom. We also ate yummy cakes, decorated gingerbread men, did some colouring in and even wrote some short stories with our visitors.

“I liked showing my mum and my sister my book” Esme

“I liked decorating a gingerbread man” Olivia

I enjoyed the cake!” Everyone!

“I liked reading my book with my mum” Robbie

“I liked writing a story with my gran and my dad.” Charlotte

“I liked showing my mum and dad my beanstalk” Haydn

“I liked showing my mum and nanny our castle.” Laurence

“I liked making our own fairy tales.” Hannah

“I enjoyed it all!” Alex

“I liked making a gingerbread man” George and Mya

“I liked dressing up in a costume!” Lauren

“I liked doing the Fairy tale colouring!” Abigail

Thank you to everyone who came along to share in our celebrations!