P5P’s Merry Adventures

P5P have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks. With Christmas fast approaching they are feeling very festive. They loved making snow globes to sell at this year’s Christmas market.

Huge congratulations on an amazing result at last week’s Fun in Athletics Festival! P5P took a very impressive second place and will go through to complete in the finals next year. They had a wonderful day supporting and cheering each other on. Well done P5!

P5 continue their adventures as Time Travellers and have been exploring the Scottish Wars of Independence. Last week we were visited by David Smith from the Stirling Smith Museum. David shared his knowledge of William Wallace and even brought in some weapons for us to see.

This week we also enjoyed a visit to the Battle of Bannockburn Centre. Pupils visited the statue of Robert the Bruce and had an opportunity to be brave leaders in their own battle!


“My favourite part was the 3D glasses and experience.” Jake

“My favourite part was the battle.” Oliver

“I loved the whole trip.” Hollie

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From P5P and Mrs Spence