P6 Curling Taster

On Tuesday 20th November, we were invited to attend a curling taster session at the Peak. There were 3 coaches there to help us – Norman, Judith and Elspeth – from Active Stirling and Scottish Curling. When we arrived, we began by warming up and then had a go at walking on the ice. It wasn’t as slippy as we thought it would be!

We spent the morning learning a variety of different skills such as :

  • how to ‘sweep’ the ice

  • ‘the delivery’ – (how to slide on the ice)
  • how to slide the stone properly across the ice – it was 20kg so pretty heavy!

  • Tactics involved in curling games

After we had practised the skills we required, we had the opportunity to play games of both long and short curling. Long curling involved sliding the stone as far down the rink as possible, with ‘sweepers’ in each team helping it to travel further. Points were awarded for how far the stone travelled and the closest stone to the centre of the ring at the end.

Short curling was from a close range, trying to aim the stone to land as close to the middle of the ring as possible. The closest stones to the centre awarded the team points for that rounds. There was 2 rounds in total.


‘I liked curling because it gave us a new sport to play and it was exciting. I thought it was going to be boring but it was very fun’ Chloe

‘It was hard, but eventually I didn’t fall over and I really enjoyed it’ Kirsten

‘I never expected that I would like it as I’ve never done anything on ice before but I found it very exciting and fun’ Alex R