Brochures, Top Trumps, Skiing and Multi-Sports

P6 recently made brochures about Dunblane and how amazing it is. We focused on Places to Live, Places to Work, Places of Relaxation, Places of Interest and on Groups. We were learning to write persuasive, non-fiction texts. We also made Top Trumps about Dunblane too.  We started this activity learning about databases. They’re really fun to play and we are hoping to sell them at the Dunblane Extravaganza. They are going to be fundraisers for our Dalguise trip next year.

We recently went skiing at Firpark in Tillicoutry. We had 2 days of learning how to ski and we all very much enjoyed it. Our skiing teachers, Andy and Louise helped most of us learn how to ski. By the end, most of us reached the ‘big halfway blue’ line. Some of us came home with soggy clothes despite the second day being a sunny and warm 20 degrees because they had to put the sprinklers on more often to keep the slope slippy! It was amazing learning a new skill and it will help us in the future when we want to ski. Andy and Louise were amazing coaches and were fabulous at teaching us simple skiing techniques.

“It was very fun because I couldn’t ski but now I can ski from the halfway line.” Isla C

“It was fun because it’s funny when you fall over.” Abigail

“It gives people opportunities to do things they have never done before.” Euan

“It was amazing because I learned how to ski and how to use the tow-lift.” Tina

“It was fabulous because I learned how to ski. To begin I was like Bambi on ice when I was on the slope!” Alby

On Friday the 9th of November, P6’s from Newton Primary and St Mary’s went to Dunblane High School for 2 hours and did sports. It was organised by Active Stirling, Mr Turnbull, a PE teacher from Dunblane High School and the S4 Sport Coaches. It was really fun and we did sports from hurdles to football and even piggyback races!! Here are some student’s thoughts:

“It was very fun to do something new.” Caitlin

“I really enjoyed the football activity.” Aoife

“The S4’s were really kind and they had some good ideas for activities.” Tina

“It was really fun.” Isla.R

“I loved the piggyback races and the wheelbarrow races.” Isla C

“I thought it was really fun especially the piggyback races.” Alby