The Gift of Christmas

Term 2 has started off with a festive touch in Primary 4W where we have launched our new topic: The Gift of Christmas.

The launch began with the popping of a cracker and the children working together to solve the puzzle.

Since then we have had a new addition to the class of Crystal the Elf. She is cheeky, magical and here to help the class with their pop up stories that they are creating.


So far Crystal has messed up our classroom, hung from the projector and tried to join in sitting at a table. I wonder what she will do next …

Last week we were able to visit Dunblane Library where all the children saw what a pop up book looks like. This gave them loads of ideas that they could use in their books.

Since then we have started writing our stories, with the children having many amazing ideas. Soon we will start to create our pop up books.

Within the next few weeks will have discussions around what we can give at Christmas with the focus being on the values of kindness, respect, love and  fairness.

It is not just about the presents we give or receive.