Supporting Start-Up Stirling

In P2 we have been learning about our rights. We have the right to learn, to play and to be heard. There are lots more including the right to have nutritious food and we were sad to learn that not everyone had this right met. Some people don’t get any or enough food, even here in Scotland!

We decided we wanted to help. So in class we learned about Start-up Stirling and Colin from the charity came in to talk to us. They are a charity who run a food bank to give food to people in Stirling and Dunblane who can’t afford to buy food. Last year they gave food to around 750 children in our area – that is like them feeding the whole of our school and Dunblane Primary.

In order to provide food they rely on donations from people like us so we asked everyone to donate food as part of our Harvest Service.

We made posters and displayed them around school and went to talk to each class about what to bring. We also talked at the service about Start Up Stirling.

Newton children were very generous and brought lots of tins, cereal and rice to our Harvest Service. There were 4 tables full of food!

Thank you to everyone who helped us support Start-Up Stirling.