Welcome to P3A!

We have all had a brilliant summer holiday and are enjoying being back at school with all of our friends.

We have had a busy few weeks since we came back to school. We are really enjoying hearing the story of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.  Here are some of our favourite parts of the story so far:

Helena – ‘when Grandma has her new medicine’
Rachel – ‘when George starts cooking the medicine’
Fraser S – ‘When Grandma grew really tall and went through the roof’
Findlay – ‘I liked when George was finding all the ingredients for the medicine; especially the animal pills’

One of the first things we did was describe George and Grandma using adjectives. Here is a photo of what we thought of them both:

Next, we used watercolour paints to create our own medicine bottle.  Leah, Orlaith, Rachel, Farah, Fraser S, Jack, Findlay and Yasmin loved mixing the colours together. We then thought of a name for our medicines and wrote a label to explain what the medicine was for.

We looked at our Twitter page and we then thought about the story so far and wrote our own hash tag summaries.  Some of these are:

#hidetheemptynbottles (Rachel)
#potionfizz (Leah)
#Grandmaishorrible (Orlaith)
#Grandmaisweird (Luca)
#eatmorecabbage (Eva)
#Georgeissad (Finlay)

We have also written our own tweets as if we were Grandma telling everyone what happened the day she tried George’s medicine.

We are learning how to use a dictionary in class and have created our own ‘George’s Marvellous Dictionary’. We found the definitions of words from the story and added these to our own dictionary.


We can’t wait to read the rest of the story and find out what happens next.