Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast

On Wednesday 20th June, we were invited to Dunblane High School to watch the dress rehearsal of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. We walked so fast that we got there 10 minutes early.  When we arrived we sat in comfy chairs that were up high so we got a good view of the stage.

Our favourite parts:

– When Belle fell in love with the Beast (Lucy G)
– Seeing Belle wearing a beautiful dress (Marissa)
– When Mrs Potts asked LeFou if he wanted a cup of tea and hit him in the face (Grace)
– When they sang ‘Be Our Guest’ (James)
– When Beauty and the Beast became friends (Eva)
– I liked all the costumes; especially the Beast one (Phoebe)
– We thought the actor of the Beast looked like he was from ‘The Greatest Showman’. He was a good singer too (Zoe, Rosie, Amy and James)
– It was funny when Beauty and the Beast kissed (Rosie)

The best part was getting to go onto the stage – we got our photos taken with some of the cast.

Thank you for letting us ‘Be your Guests’.