P3G’s Terrific Trip to Tesco

As part of our health and wellbeing topic, we have been learning about healthy eating. To find out more about this, we went to visit our local Tesco store on Wednesday 6th June.


 Margaret very kindly gave us a guided tour and told us lots of interesting facts about healthy foods, where they come from and how the shop operates in general. After a busy morning, we finished our adventure off with a lovely fruit basket picnic at the memorial park, kindly provided by the staff at Tesco.

” I loved seeing the freezer where they keep all the ice-cream. It smelled really good. It was freezing!” – Imogen

“I liked tasting the gluten free chocolate buttons” Matthew

“I learned that the red star means the most people like to buy it” – Lori

“I liked tasting all the different foods and going in all the staff bits” – Seb

“I liked going underneath tescos where the money counting room was and the cameras” – Leila

“I liked making our snacks out of the fruit” – Katie

“I liked having our picnic outside” – Lucy