Empty Classroom Day

On the 17th of May 2018 we went to Ochlochy Park and Holmehill for empty classroom day.

First we walked to Ochlochy Park then we played a warm up game. Next we had stations to go to. They were rounders, bug hunt, back to back drawing and find the paint colour around the loch.

After we played football we got ICE LOLLIES!! Then we went back to school for lunch. After lunch we walked to Holmehill and we got put into stations.  They were leaf detectives, find the age of trees, bark printing and spelling.

I had a fun day and learned how to find the age of a tree.

By Brodie T

On the 17th of May we got ready to go to Ochlochy Park for empty classroom day.   When we got there we did a warm up game it was ‘shepherds and sheep’.  Then we went into groups to do activities.  The activities where rounders, bug hunt, plant colour and back to back drawing. We had break time and then Mrs Miller’s husband came with a basket full of ice lollies and we ate them all and we said thanks and bye to Mrs Miller’s husband.

Then we headed off to have lunch back at school. Next we went to Holmehill and we went around different groups.  The groups were leaf detectives, bark printing, tree measuring to find the age of trees and spelling. Then we headed back to the school and went home.

I enjoyed empty classroom day.  It was fun.  I learned how to do bark printing.

By Rowan W