P1 Fabulous Family Learning in Dykedale woods


On Thursday the 17th of May, both P1 classes became teachers for the afternoon. Our parents visited our classes and had a look at the work we had undertaken in our learning about woodlands and the Enchanted Forest. Our parents then walked with us up to Dykedale woods and the children explained  about the art of Andy Goldsworthy and his use of nature in “transient art”.  In creative  partnerships with fellow pupils, and demonstrating to admiring parents, we made pieces of art from found materials in the woods.

Hannah M said ” We made things from wood, sticks, moss, acorns and stones. ”

George added ” I felt excited about making something with my mum. We used sticks, beech nuts and leaves to make a pattern. ”

Grace M commented ” We made lots of pieces of artwork, including shelters, sculptures, dens, love hearts, fairy house and bug houses. ”

It was  a very special afternoon for everyone involved.