Empty Classroom Day 2018

Yesterday, P2M went out into Dunblane to learn more for our context, Dunblane Detectives.

First we went to the Cathedral. We looked for a dragon carving, gravestones inside the cathedral and animal carvings too.  Next we went to the Leighton Library. We found out that the librarian lived in a dark, cold room underneath the library. We found out that all of the books were brought in a boat from England. Next we went to the Laighills Park. We all had our lunch then we played at the park.

After the park, we visited Dunblane Museum.  We learned that people would have used a big crane to pick up heavy stones that they used to build the Cathedral.  We got to try on some Scottish clothing. We saw lots of pictures of when the Cathedral had no roof.  We also went into the museum garden and looked into the deep well.

We had a great day learning more about our town and enjoyed our picnic lunch in the sunshine.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped out.

“I found out that my great great grandpa was in the war” Finlay

“I liked going to the Laighills and going down the big slide.” Nina

“I liked the Laighills and going on the climbing frame. It was very fun.” Helena

“I enjoyed going in the museum garden.” Sara