Marvellous Mappers Context Launch

Last week we went on a treasure hunt to find out what our context is for this term.

Before we went on our treasure hunt we had to choose our team leader.  After we got our team leader they got a map.  Next we got to go outside then we started our treasure hunt.  Every team had a different colour.  They were green, yellow, blue and red.  We all had to find our envelope with our colours on it.  In the envelope there was a clue.  Each clue had a different position on it.  We had to get four clues to make a big photo.  When we had found all our clues we went to the outdoor classroom.  Once all the groups were together we went back inside.  My team’s picture was a big field in Dunblane.  The other pictures were of a map of Dunblane, the Cathedral and houses in Dunblane.  Next we had to guess our context and it was Marvellous Mappers!

My favourite part of the treasure hunt was working as a team.  We also learned how to use a map in the treasure hunt and work as a team to find all the envelopes.  I am most looking forward to all the trips around Dunblane because they are going to be fun.

By Louis


Last week we did a treasure hunt, it was for our context.  First of all we chose our team leader and we went outside in the playground.

Next we got a map.  Then we went to find our first clue which was on the running track.  Our second one was in the mini kitchen, the third one was in the eco garden and then we looked for the last one but we could not find it.  We looked everywhere but we still could not find it.  So we asked Mrs Miller for a clue but we still could not find it!  Eventually P4WE found it.  After we went back into the classroom Mrs Miller put the letters on the board from all the cards and we said our new context is Marvellous Mappers!

We learned more information about our new context and we learned that we are going to learn more about maps and walk down to different landmarks in Dunblane.  I am looking forward to GO Cashing.

by Gregory