Marvellous Mappers Context Launch

Last week we did a treasure hunt.  We had to find clues to complete a picture to find out our new context.

First we sorted out a team captain for our groups then we went outside to figure out our clues to find all the letters.  We figured out where we needed to go.  First we went to the bike rack but our clue wasn’t there so Mr Edwards had to show us on a map.  Then we headed to the eco garden and we found one of the clues in the plant bed.  We headed off again to find the next clue and it was under the table near the bars.  Our last clue was in the porch behind the plant pot.  We went back inside about put all our clues together and it made picture.  Each group had a different picture.  Finally we found out that our context was Marvellous Mappers.

I am most looking forward to finding out more about maps.

by Rowan