Our trip to Almond Valley

On Friday 27th April, we went on a big bus to Almond Valley. It took about 50 minutes to get there. When we arrived Mrs Aitken went in to tell the staff that we had arrived. Then we all got off the bus and put our packed lunches in the Picnic Barn so we didn’t need to carry them around with us. After that, we had our snack as we were walking to see the animals. Some of the animals we saw were rabbits, goats, ducks, guinea pigs, turkeys, donkeys, hens, pigs, sheep, sheep dogs and birds. Two groups then went to the bouncy cow and the other three groups went to the bouncy pillow and the trampolines to bounce around and have fun. At 11 o’clock, we all went to Morag’s Meadow Soft Play. There were lots of places for us to climb and slide down. Next, we went on the tractor ride – it was bumpy and slow but we got to see some animals. After that we had 15 minutes to go to the play park and then we went to the Oil Shale Adventure Zone. It was so much fun; we got to go down a zip wire, climb up and down ladders, play in a ball pit and run around lots. There was even a wee scary bit with scary music – we liked it in there. At 12.30pm we went to the Picnic Barn to have lunch with our friends. Then we had an hour to choose what we still wanted to see at Almond Valley before we got the bus home. Lots of us were very tired and some of us had a little sleep on the bus.
(Written together by P2A)

‘I loved playing in the play house and going on the secret slide.’ (Luke)

‘I liked going down the hill on a sledge with wheels.’ (Eilidh)

‘I liked it when me, Lottie and Ethan were doing gymnastics on the trampolines.’ (Euan)

‘I loved when our group went to the zip wire because we got Mrs Aitken to go on it by herself.’ (Lucy G)

‘I liked it because my mum was there too.’ (Sofia)

‘I loved doing front flips on the bouncy pillow.’ (James)

‘When me and Amy fell off the bouncy pillow we decided to build ‘Almond Valley’ out of sand.’ (Zoe)

‘At the park, I played music on the xylophone.’ (Johnny)

Thank you to our fabulous parent helpers who joined us on the trip!