P3G’s STEM Pyramid Building Challenge


On Friday 9th of March, we worked in small teams to complete a STEM pyramid building challenge. Based on the learning from our Egyptian Explorers topic, we had to collaborate to build our own pyramids using a variety of different materials such as paper and cello-tape, Lego, wooden bricks, play dough and art straws.

We created our own success criteria for our pyramids so that we could self and peer assess our creations. We decided our pyramids had to have equal sloping sides, be free standing and have a square base.

We worked in small groups to complete the task, so teamwork was important. Everyone was assigned a different job to do. We had a Team Leader, Resource Manager, Photographers, Quality Checkers and Time Checkers. Each person was responsible for their own job, but also had to help to contribute ideas and build the pyramids.


Here’s P3G’s reflections on the challenge:

Seb – “It was very hard because you had loads of different materials and we were not used to building with them.”

Katie – “I liked the one where you had to use straws and plasticine, it was easy.”

Gregoire – “I liked doing the Lego pyramids.”

Leila – “The pieces keeps on falling off the Lego pyramid when we were putting them on.”

John – “My group broke the big Lego pyramid we made and made a smaller one with bricks inside it so that it wouldn’t fall in.”