P3 STEM Pyramid Challenge

On Friday 9th of March, Miss McDonald set us the challenge of making STEM pyramids. We had to make pyramids using different materials:  paper and cello-tape, Lego, interlocking cubes, play dough and art straws. We needed to make sure our pyramids had equal sides, it was free standing and had a square base.

Teamwork was important for our challenge. Everyone in our groups had a job to do. We had a Team Leader, Resource Manager, Photographers, Quality Checkers and Time Checkers. Each person was responsible for their own job, but also had to help build our pyramids.

We found making a pyramid from paper was the most difficult. Only 2 groups out of 4 managed to make one! We felt that the play dough and art straws were easy, as well as the interlocking cubes.

Eilidh – “I thought it was really fun making the pyramids!”

Aaron – “I really liked the materials we were making the pyramids with. My favourite was the paper!”

Fraser R – “I really liked building the pyramid with the Lego because it was quite easy and you could use the blocks to help shape it.”

Eva – “I liked making the pyramid out of paper because it was a real challenge.”

Finn – “I found making the pyramids easy, especially the paper one – my group managed to make it!”