P2M learning in the community

On Friday 9th March we walked down to Dunblane Cathedral where we met Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson spoke to us about baptisms. She told us why babies (and sometimes adults) get baptized. Mrs Anderson had a doll in a special baptism robe. We held a baptism ceremony for the doll and 4 of us pretended to be the mum, dad and godparents. We acted out what would happen at a baptism.

I learned that sometimes adults actually get baptised’ Charlotte

‘I learned that someone who gets baptised has godparents’ Findlay

‘ I liked being the mum’ Eva

‘I enjoyed finding the second font. They put water in the fonts. ‘ Nina

After that, we went to Dunblane Library where we met Angela Seaton. We sat on the rug and Angela showed us a non-fiction book all about dinosaurs. We learned lots of fascinating facts. Then she read us a fiction book called Dinosaur Poo which was very funny. Next we had time to sit with our friends and explore some of the dinosaur books.

‘I enjoyed the Dinosaur Poo book because it was really funny.’ Sara

‘I enjoyed when we had to pick a page number and Angela would find a fact on that page’ Fraser

‘I liked looking at the dinosaur books’ Emma

Then we went to the Cathedral Halls to eat our packed lunches. Finally we went to the Laighills Park. Luckily the sun came out and we had lots of fun playing with our friends.

We were all very tired when we arrived back at school.

‘ I enjoyed playing on the slide.’ Charlie

‘I liked climbing to the top of the climbing frame.’ Helena

‘I liked playing tig.’ Alexander

‘I enjoyed playing on the swings’ Ruaridh

‘I enjoyed playing on the witches’ hat’ Aletta