Learning in the Community

On Friday 9th March we walked down to Dunblane Library where we were met by Angela Seaton. When we arrived we sat down on the big rug and listened to Angela as she showed us a non-fiction book all about dinosaurs so we learned lots of new facts! After this, she had a book with lots of dinosaurs in it and we had to choose a number from 1-80 and she would open the page and we would have to try and pronounce the name of the dinosaur first (quite tricky) then she read out a few facts about it. The last book she read us was our favourite – it was called ‘Dinosaur Poo’ by Diane and Christyan Fox. We thought it was really funny and we laughed the whole way through the story. After this, we got to sit with our friends and look at a huge selection of dinosaur books and decide which ones we would like to take back to school.

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Douglas – ‘We looked at lots of non-fiction books.’
Marissa – ‘I liked reading lots of stories about dinosaurs.’
Lucy G – ‘I liked learning lots of dinosaur facts from encyclopedias.’

Next, we walked along to Dunblane Cathedral where we met Mrs Anderson. She spoke to us about what a baptism was and she had a christening gown which was over 90 years old on a doll which some of us got to hold. We learned what a baptismal font was and why some of them have 8 sides. Mrs Anderson chose 4 of us to walk down the aisle pretending to be a mum, dad, godmother and godfather to demonstrate what would happen at a real baptism. We got to decide on the name for the baby. The first time we did it the baby was called ‘Geoffrey Michael’ and the second time we did it the baby was called ‘Elizabeth Austin Bottomley’.

Elita – ‘We learned about christenings and I got to be the Godmother.’
Lottie – ‘I liked being the mum for acting out a baptism.’
Thomas – ‘We looked at the font.’

Finally we had our lunch in the Cathedral Halls and then spend the rest of the afternoon in the Laighills Park. The sun came out for us and we had a great time playing  with our friends!

James – ‘I loved the roundabout.’
Eva – ‘I liked going right up the hill and sliding down the slide.’
Phoebe – ‘I liked going really high on the swings.’