Our Class Assembly

On Thursday 8th February, our class led the whole school assembly on ‘Chinese New Year’. We really enjoyed performing to an audience and we especially liked dressing up and having our faces painted. We learned our lines and acted out ‘The Great Race’ which explains how each year became named after an animal. This year is the year of the dog. Most of us were born in the year of the rabbit but Sofia and Emma were born in the year of the dragon. Mrs Aitken was born in the year of the tiger. We loved decorating the dragon for our dragon dance and Rosie, Grace, Harris and Phoebe played some instruments to accompany it. As well as learning all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated we also enjoyed using chalk to draw our own dogs and we learned how to blend using the chalk too.

We were so excited to put on our assembly but some of us were sad that we couldn’t do it again 🙁

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos from the assembly!

A few quotes from some of the stars of the show…

Maxence – ‘I did well with my speaking part and I liked seeing my
brother there.’

Phoebe – ‘I liked when we all sung the song at the end.’

Marissa – ‘I think everyone worked hard and tried their best.’

Grace – ‘My favourite part was bunny hopping across the stage. I really loved seeing the emotions on people’s faces when they saw the amazing face paints that my mum, Pamela did on them.’

George – ‘It was my first ever time having a speaking part so I was very excited.’

Johnny – ‘I was happy being the head of the dragon. It was quite hard because I couldn’t see very well but I was careful and took my time and kept looking through one of the big eyes.’

James – ‘I loved the full assembly.’

Lucy G – ‘I liked it when I got to be a narrator because I liked saying my part and being part of ‘The Great Race’.

Lottie – ‘I really enjoyed being the cat. It was very inspiring for me because I learned how to be a cat at the Dunblane Centre.’

Welldone Primary 2 – Mrs Aitken is very proud of you all!