Fairyland Tea Party

(This post is from December 2017 – not sure why it disappeared)

We have had a wonderfully exciting time in P2A turning our classroom into Fairyland after receiving a letter from ‘The Friendly Dragon’. He wanted us to read more fairy tales because Fairyland was disappearing as not many people were reading fairytales anymore.  We have loved reading lots of fairy tales and have worked together as a team to complete a variety of challenges. Some of these included; creating a parachute for Jack, making a basket for Little Red Riding Hood, building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats, creating a castle for Cinderella and designing a new chair for Baby Bear.

We enjoyed reading fairy tales so much that we decided to write our own. We learned how to write a fairy tale with a beginning, middle and end. It was great fun working together to talk about our ideas and we were then able to create characters and decide on a setting for our own story. We loved seeing our finished books and were so proud of them!

We decided to plan a Fairyland Tea Party before Christmas to show our families ‘Fairyland’. Lots of people came dressed up as their favourite fairy tale characters and enjoyed looking at all the learning which had taken place over the term.  It was a lovely end to a very exciting and magical context.

Here are some photos from the Fairyland Tea Party: