Cool Creative Scots!

In Primary 3 we have been learning all about different ‘creative’ Scots! Each week we have researched a different famous Scottish person.

We have learned about Steven Brown the artist who is famous for painting the McCoo. We created our own McCoo’s in the style of Steven Brown.

We also looked at Charles Rennie Mackintosh who is most famous for his rose. We painted our own Mackintosh roses using crayons and watercolours.

We learned about Robert Burns and why he is famous in Scotland. We even managed to learn one of his songs, ‘The White Cockade’, and perform it at our One Scotland Assembly.

Last week, we learned about Mairi Hedderwick. We looked at a few of her Katie Morag stories which she is most famous for. We created a drama frieze frame of some scenes from the Katie Morag stories. We also wrote our own Katie Morag stories with a familiar setting – the Isle of Struay.


This week we are excited to learn all about John Logie Baird!