P5 McHistory Performance

This term Primary 5 have been learning about the ‘Scottish Wars of Independence’ alongside performing a show called ‘McHistory’. The show has taught us all about Scottish history and influential figures that have helped shape Scotland today. We have also learned about what is involved in putting on a performance.

We separated into groups so that everyone had a role and part to play. The set design group decided what our staging would look like and any props we needed. We had to paint a racing car, a milk float, bookshelves, a clock, teacher’s desk and door for the classroom. The dancers choreographed their own dances. We had to make sure that the dances tied in with the songs we were singing. The songs helped tell the story throughout the performance. We had an amazing band of musicians who played everything from violins and drums to glockenspiels, hand bells and maracas.

On Monday 20th of November we held a dress rehearsal to the entire school. Then on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd we performed ‘McHistory’ to our friends and family. Everyone thought that it was funny, interesting and informative!

Written by Alex R, May, Sienna, Euan and Annabelle