Fairyland at the Dunblane Centre

On Tuesday 21st November we all walked down to the Dunblane Centre in the rain! Our day got better when we arrived at the Dunblane Centre and dried off. First, we all sat in a circle and told Pamela all about Fairyland and what we have been learning about at school. Then Siobhan did some yoga with us – we had to get into our bubble then we went to different places and did different activities. Some of the places we went in the yoga story Siobhan told us were Legoland, trampolining class, gymnastics class, football training, Pamela’s drama class, Funky Science, art lessons and the Leighills to find Leigh’s keys which he had lost.



After our yoga session we had lunch and then Pamela showed us lots of fairytale costumes. She asked Ryan and James to come in and they stood in the middle of the circle. We decided that Ryan should dress up as ‘Jack’ from Jack and the Beanstalk and James should dress up as the ‘Beast’ from Beauty and the Beast.


Jack – ‘I liked when Pamela put the mask on James because it was funny and it made him look like the Beast.’

Anna – ‘I think Ryan looked really like ‘Jack’ because he had green shorts on and old clothes and it made him look poor.’

Next, we got to dress up in a costume or we got to hold a prop. We learned that props are the things you hold when you are acting and that they are really important in telling the story. We had a photoshoot which was great fun – we had to think about what character we were and hold up the photo frame to have our photos taken.

Grace – ‘I dressed up as Poison Ivy with my head band that has flowers on it and the Poison Ivy staff.’

Simon – ‘I dressed up as a Policeman. I liked the hat because the inside part was green and that is my favourite colour.’

James – ‘I enjoyed Pamela taking photos of us. She was the camera lady and I liked holding the frame up to get my photo taken.’

Phoebe – ‘I liked to see all the costumes that Pamela had. My favourite hat was the jester hat because it was all different colours and it had little bells on it.’


We took Draco to the Dunblane Centre and he got to dress up too. He had a brilliant time…you can read his diary in school to find out what he got up to!


We had an amazing time – thank you Pamela, Siobhan, Ryan and James!