P2A Visit Dunblane Library

On Tuesday 14th November we all walked to Dunblane Library. When we arrived Angela asked us all to sit on the carpet and she did a quiz about all the characters in fairytales and we had to guess which fairytale each character was from. After the quiz, she read us a fairytale called ‘The Great Gran Plan’. We liked the story because it was a mixed up fairytale.

Eva – ‘I liked when we all got to shout out ‘Save that Gran’ really loud.’

Emma – ‘I liked when the wolf got muddled up and thought the pig was the gran.’

Maxence – ‘I liked the end because the wolf came back and he was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.’

After the story, Angela let us explore the library so we could read our own books.

Luke – ‘I read some of the Star Wars books because Star Wars is my favourite film.’

Lottie – ‘I saw my little brother at the library and I got to read a story to him.’

Simon – ‘I liked looking at a superhero book with Batman and villains in it.’

Before we walked back to school, we all sat back on the carpet and Angela read us a funny fairytale called ‘Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk’