One day when we came into the classroom and there was a post-box and it said ‘D-Mail’ on it. Hanging out of the post-box was a letter from ‘The Friendly Dragon’. The letter was burnt because when the dragon is happy or excited he blows bits of fire out of his mouth. We read the letter and it asked us to save ‘Fairyland’ because it was disappearing. We need to read more fairytales and turn our classroom into Fairyland.


Our classroom is starting to look like Fairyland – we have made a castle, a beanstalk for Jack, we painted a dragon, we made parachutes for Jack to get down from the beanstalk safely and we have made baskets for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her Grandma’s house.



Sophie – ‘I like hearing the letters being read because it is so exciting.’

Lucas – ‘I’m happy with how we made the castle because we can play in it.’

Douglas – ‘I liked testing the parachutes to find out how good they would be when they came down.’

Marissa – ‘I like it when the whole class works very hard together as a team.’