David Smith Visit – Scottish Wars of Independence

David Smith from the Smith Museum and Art Gallery came to teach us about the Scottish Wars of Independence. He taught us about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Falkirk and Bannockburn.

We found out that Alexander the III died by falling off his horse. Since there were no heirs to the throne, Princess Margaret of Norway was the next in line. She died on the way to Orkney, so again Scotland had no heirs to the throne. This was the beginning of the Scottish Wars of Independence.

David brought in a sword and told us that William Wallace was six foot tall and that his belt was made of human skin, his sword was called Claymore.

He showed us some real artefacts that he had borrowed from the museum. We all wanted a shot of the sword.

We really enjoyed learning about Wallace and Bruce and can’t wait to learn more.

Thank you David!

By Lennon Ward, Isla Cheyne and Kirsten Johnstone