Fairtrade Campaign

Primary 5 have been working in groups to campaign for a small change within the school, to support Fairtrade.  Each group used their knowledge of Fairtrade and their knowledge of persuasive language to create a campaign that included: a speech, banners, posters, powerpoint, rosettes etc.

Different groups campaigned for different things. Heroes to Help Farmers were campaigning to hold a Fairtrade tuck shop, Funky Fairtrade Footballs wanted to raise money to provide the school with Fairtrade footballs, as were the Football Fairness group. Chocolate Changers wanted to sell Fairtrade chocolate at a tuck shop, during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Fairtrade Freedom Fighters were keen to hold ‘Save a Life Day’, encouraging people to bring Fairtrade snacks and hold a Fairtrade lunch.  The Fairtrade Appreciation Party wanted to encourage the staff to only buy Fairtrade tea and coffee in the staffroom.

We held a mini election, where we invited P4WE to come and listen to the campaign speeches. Primary 5 delivered some wonderful speeches, sharing the change they would make and the impact on the farmers’ lives.  P4WE voted and the winner was announced……………….FOOTBALL FAIRNESS.

Well done,and we cannot wait to see you implementing your change in the school.