P2A – Shapetastic Art

We have all settled back into school and are enjoying being in primary two. We have been learning lots about 2D shapes so far. The shapes we know are circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon and hexagon.

Lucy G – ‘A circle has no corners.’
Eilidh – ‘A 2D shape is a flat shape.’
Sophie – ‘A pentagon looks a bit like a house.’
James – ‘A semi-circle has one straight edge and one curved edge.’
Lottie  – ‘A hexagon has 6 sides.’
Johnny – ‘A nonagon has 9 sides and a dodecagon has 12 sides.’

We used 2D shapes to create overlapping shape pictures. We had to hold the shapes quite firmly to draw around them.

By Elita                                                                     By Harris

We also enjoyed making our own pictures using only 2D shapes.

Phoebe – ‘I made a flower                                  Euan – ‘I made a person
with circles and a                                                    running. I used a circle,
rectangle.’                                                                   triangles, rectangles and a

We really enjoyed being outside in the playground using chalk to draw our own shape pictures.

‘I made a rocket with a
rectangle, a circle and
triangles.’ (George)