Our Final Harvest!

On Wednesday the 28th of June we harvested the potatoes, baby turnips and some radishes. We decided to leave the spring onions and beetroot to grow over the summer.


We were delighted to discover that we had lots of potatoes! Some were big and some were small. We really liked digging them up.  We found that our experiment potatoes, which had been cut in half before planting, have grown just as successfully as our control potatoes.  They all looked delicious!


We used our turnip and some of our potatoes to make vegetable soup. We all really liked the soup and would have eaten more.


We took some of our potatoes home to taste  and this is what we thought:

Anna C – “They were very creamy.”

Anna G – “They were very crunchy and tasty.”

Judah – “We made chips out of mine!”

Alexander F – “They tasted very carroty…”

Hollie – “When I ate them they felt very sweet in my mouth.”