Sports Day!

On Friday 2 June we did sorts day. It was cloudy for a little while then it got sunny and warm.

Primary 4 started at the relay race. There was a side for girls and a side for boys. The girls went first and after the girls the boys had their turn.  The fastest person from each race had to race each other.

After that we went to the bouncy hoppers. You had to bounce up to the marker then run back to the next person and give them the bouncer.  It was fun bouncing up and down.

Next we went to a running race where we had a metal baton. You had to run up to the cone and back down and pass it on to the next person as fast as you could.  We got quite a few turns at this station.

We moved on to a different station which was an obstacle course. It was hard to jump over things when you were balancing something on your head!

The next stop was toss the welly. You scored different points for throwing it as far as you can.  I got 10 points!  It was my favourite activity.

After that we went to badminton where we had to hit the shuttle cock and aim it inside a hoop to get points. You had to hit it hard to get 10 points but not too hard or you would go past it.

Our next activity was basketball. Every single time you got it in the hoop you would get one point.  It was pretty high up!

The next station we went to was beat the goalie. When you finished your team the next team would have their go.  However got the most points would win because it was the last station.

At the end of sports day we had a picnic with our parents. We had it sitting on the football field.  It was a fantastic sports day.

By Andrew