P4WE Book Club

Last week we started Book Club and we made badges. We also made Book Club bookmarks. Book Club is a club where we can read books. We can also make dens to read in so we are comfortable to read. We use blankets and cushions to make the dens.  At Book Club we all read a book.  There is a special jotter to sign in and out the books.  Some people brought books from home and Mrs Whitehead brought some books and we got other books from the school.  We have to try and read lots of books.  If we finish a book we get gems to put in our class pot for a treat at the end of term.  We have a ‘Class Reading Caterpillar’ and once you finish a book you get a coloured circle to add to the caterpillar.  We have to write the book title, author, date and our name then we add it to the Reading Caterpillar.  At Book Club we are allowed to listen to audio books.  I like Book Club because it helps me to learn and read.

By Isla