P4M Book Club

For the final few weeks of term, P4M are having a Book Club instead of banded books, shared reading and guided reading. The focus for Book Club is reading for enjoyment.

We talked about our favourite genres and authors. The most popular genres were funny books, mystery/scary books and adventure stories. The most popular authors were J.K Rowling, David Walliams, Jeff Kinney and Michael Morpurgo. We all brought in these types of books by these authors from home to create our book club library.

We also brought in cushions, blankets and teddies to make ourselves cosy snugs for reading.

We are really enjoying book club so far:

“I like book club because you can read. So far I have read Diary of a Wimpy Kid Long Haul and it was really funny. I have recommended it to Archie.” Bailey

“I think it’s really good how we get some peaceful time to do some reading” May

“It’s really fun how you get to choose a spot anywhere in the classroom, even under tables.” Islay

“It’s nice to have a relaxing time to read. Just now I’m reading COOL by Michael Morpurgo. I chose it because it’s about a dog.” Anna

“I like that I can make a cosy space to read with my friends.” Jake

“The best thing I have read so far has been My Hamster is a Detective by Dave Lowe. It was quite funny. ” Chloe

Hopefully, if the weather improves, we will also be able to have Book Club outside!