Endrick 1 Principal Teacher – Mark Young youngm01s@glow.sch.uk
1E1 Alasdair Sharp sharpa01s@glow.sch.uk
2E1 Dougie Scott scottd01s@glow.sch.uk
3E1 Rachel Vickers vickersr01s@glow.sch.uk
4E1 Alan Dalglish dalglisha01s@glow.sch.uk
5E1 Gary Dalziel dalzielg01s@glow.sch.uk
6E1 Mark Young youngm01s@glow.sch.uk
Endrick 2 Principal Teacher – Ruth Wood woodr01s@glow.sch.uk
2E2 Sandra Convery (W/Th) converys01s@glow.sch.uk
Corinne Anderson (M/F) andersonc01s@glow.sch.uk
3E2 Steve Allan allans01s@glow.sch.uk
4E2 Marie Claire Maxwell maxwellm01s@glow.sch.uk
5E2 Emma Slavin slavine01s@glow.sch.uk
6E2 Ruth Wood (M/Th) woodr01s@glow.sch.uk
Corinne Anderson (W/F) andersonc01s@glow.sch.uk
Endrick 3 Principal Teacher – Neil Macquarrie macquarrien01s@glow.sch.uk
1E3 Grace Shaw shawg01s@glow.sch.uk
Jill Hinchliffe hinchliffej01s@glow.sch.uk
2E3 Kirsty MacPhee macpheek01s@glow.sch.uk
3E3 Rachel Kelso kelsor01s@glow.sch.uk
5E3 Fiona Fisher (W/Th) fisherf01s@glow.sch.uk
Callum Scott (M/F) scottc01s@glow.sch.uk
6E3 Liz Steele (M/W/Th) stellee01s@glow.sch.uk
Neil Macquarrie (F) macquarrien01s@glow.sch.uk

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