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Will Fallin produce the next Andy Murray?

One small step onto a tennis court can open a lifetime of fun.

We’re jumping for joy that the biggest ever grass roots initiative for tennis in the UK has now arrived, and your kids can be a part of it!

Tennis for Kids offers 6 week FREE coaching courses for kids aged 5 – 8 years, who are new to tennis. Jam packed with fun games and activities, run by specially trained coaches, Tennis for Kids encourages your youngsters to get involved in the sport we love. Even better, upon completing the course, the first 10,000 kids will receive a FREE racket so they can continue to play!

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P1B Daffodil Picnic

Fallin Primary  "Gets Behind the Daffodil"

Primary 1B1 & 1B2 say thanks very much to all our parents and special friends for “Getting Behind the Daffodil” with them this morning to support Marie Curie nurses to look after very ill people at home.  We had a fantastic response to our letters asking for donations of baking and were able to have a great picnic. Thank you all for coming and giving so much. Today we have raised £313 – and we still have some yummy cakes left which we will sell in school tomorrow.

What we have been learning by Mason and Katie


In maths we learned about estimating. We have also learned about mean, median, mode, and range. Estimating is a good guess of something. The mean is the average of the numbers. Median is the middle number, mode is the one that appears the most.


Last week in writing we were planning out a play script.

We used our imagination to come up with ideas for our own plays. Everyone’s ideas were different.

Eco Week

In eco week we done lots of activities to do with eco. One of the activities was making a mascot. The winner was in P5P, that person was Katie Frogley. Well done! In our class we did a debate about non-renewable and renewable energy to see what people think.


In swimming we have learned to save people if something happens to them in the water. Also we learned to swim with heavy jackets on also how to take trackies off and use them as a float.


In sound start we have been learning to play the trumpet, clarinet and the flute. Also we have been learning how to keeping the rhythm.

P2/1A March update

On Monday we had a visit from the Marie Curie Fundraising Organiser to find out what we have been doing and to collect the £283.10 we raised at our Daffodil Tea. She was very impressed by our hard work.

Over the last six weeks we have been lucky to take part in a Scots Song project. We have really enjoyed practising lots of new songs with Scottish words. On Thursday, we had a fantastic experience in the Tolbooth when we took part in a Scottish Song afternoon and performed our songs alongside other professional musicians. Thanks to our special teacher, Amy Lord, who helped us with our songs and made it such fun.

For Eco Week we have been finding out about what energy is and how we can save it.
Next week we are going to Lower Polmaise Recycling Centre to find out what happens to our rubbish when it gets there.

Please come along on Saturday to the Big Dig 2, from 1.30 till 3.30, and help us to prepare the gardens for our Spring planting activities. All help will be most welcome.