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Read Write Inc: Video tutorials for parents and carers

Here are some links to video tutorials about Read Write Inc. Parents and carers have found these helpful to remind them about ‘speed sounds’ and ‘special friend letters’.


In this parent tutorial, we show you how to teach children sounds that are made up of two letters:

This tutorial explains what red and green words are, and how you can help your child practise them:

In this video, they show you how to read the story itself:

Homework P2C 30th May

I thought that rather than send a homework sheet home I would keep it simple this week and from now on.

Tuesday: practise green and red words in their reading books (see video for guidance: Click here)

Wednesday: practise some speed sounds and then talking about the book, the pictures, what the story is about etc Click here for video.

Thursday: Read the story with your child (don’t feel you have to read the whole book with them, they could read to themselves and you could just hear 2 or 3 pages) then do the Speed Words at the back. Click here for video help.

maxresdefaultFind out about games you can play using our Fred the Frog character and literacy fred_talk_games.

Will Fallin produce the next Andy Murray?

One small step onto a tennis court can open a lifetime of fun.

We’re jumping for joy that the biggest ever grass roots initiative for tennis in the UK has now arrived, and your kids can be a part of it!

Tennis for Kids offers 6 week FREE coaching courses for kids aged 5 – 8 years, who are new to tennis. Jam packed with fun games and activities, run by specially trained coaches, Tennis for Kids encourages your youngsters to get involved in the sport we love. Even better, upon completing the course, the first 10,000 kids will receive a FREE racket so they can continue to play!

Click here to find FREE tennis places for your child in Stirling

P2C homework w/c 29th March

Homework sheets and maths sheets have been handed out for this week.

homework sheet 29th mar

Last week a few people forgot to take their maths sheet so I’ve just included it too.

I think some children didn’t pick up their red/green words so I’ve attached them to the homework sheet along with the maths.

It would be a big help if you commented below too so we can get an idea of how many people view the homework online. Thanks!


Homework and Websites to help: w/c 21st March

homework sheet 21st Mar2016-03-22-07-12-19-1114395289

Here are some websites that might help consolidate last week’s learning and teaching.

(Fallin PS is not responsible for content on external sites.)

Click ‘number bonds’ then numbers within 10

this will help consolidate bonds within 10. These need to be secure in order to move on to trickier maths.

A fun video about putting punctuation in the correct place.

This will help those learners who are ready to move on beyond just capital letters and full stops.

We watched this video about Andy Warhol and Pop Art

We used this to develop our discussion skills. Children could draw and colour their own identical pictures in different ways. Some of the language is aimed at P4+ but we found it useful for extending their vocabulary.

Find out what we’ve been learning!

“Last week we learned about Pop Art and the artist Andy Warhol.” – Luca

“We have been learning about arrays and we had to count in 2s.” – Emily

“We planted trees to make homes for visiting birds. We had to be careful and not damage the roots.” – Abbie

“We learned about missing numbers on a number line.” – Mason


Websites that may be useful

Some parents have asked for some websites/apps/games that may be useful for helping with your child.

Here is a basic list and I will try to add to this in the next few weeks:

Using capital letters and full stops
Maths games against the clock.