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Scotland Women’s Football: A Dream Come True

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For the first time in the history of Scottish Women’s football, the Scotland Women’s National team have made it to the World Cup in France 2019

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World News of the Summer

A round-up of the big news this summer.
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Fifa World Cup Russia 2018

On Sunday 15th July France won the Fifa World Cup for the second time, beating Croatia 4-2 in the final held in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.  France’s triumph made their manager Didier Deschamps only the 3rd man to win the international competition as both a player and coach. Huge celebrations took place in France following the team’s win, with thousands of supporters welcoming them back as the players paraded down the Champs Elysees in Paris on Monday. Similar events took place 20 years prior when Didier Deschamps took victory in the world cup as the French captain.

Despite losing to France in the final, Croatia were proud to come as far as they did and had some celebrations of their own as the runners-up returned to Zagreb.

               Fans react in Zagreb after Croatia’s 4-2 defeat to France in the World Cup final.              Image result for world cup croatia celebrations
Ethiopia and Eritrea make peace

Despite the peace agreement made in 2000, two years after the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea began, the two countries have been in a state of “no war, no peace” for almost two decades. The war began due to conflict over their border, when the initial peace agreement was made it was decided that the town of Badame was on the Eritrean side of the border but Ethiopia refused to accept this.

When Abiy Ahmed took over as Prime Minister of Ethiopia, just 3 months ago, people suspected that this could lead to things changing however few expected it to happen so quickly.  The declaration was signed by the leaders of both countries when Abiy Ahmed visited Eritrea’s capital, Asmara. This summit between Ethiopia’s Prime Minister and Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki was the first time the leaders of the two nations had met for almost 20 years. Families who have been separated by the border conflict are also now able to reunite as telephone and transport links have been re-established. The first flight from Ethiopia to Eritrea since the war, took off on July 18th with  passengers travelling to the Eritrean capital to reconnect with family and friends on the other side of the border.

Fitsum Arega, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia’s chief of staff tweeted following the summit:

UN Agree First Ever Global Compact on Migration

The United Nations’ Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration   was finalised on July 13th with almost unanimous support from the UN Member States.

Miroslav Lajčák the President of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly spoke about the benefits of the compact saying:

“It can guide us from a reactive to a proactive mode. It can help us to draw out the benefits of migration, and mitigate the risks. It can provide a new platform for cooperation. And it can be a resource, in finding the right balance between the rights of people and the sovereignty of States. And, in December, it will formally become the first comprehensive framework on migration the world has ever seen.”

The Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration held in Marrakesh, Morocco on the 10th and 11th of December will mark the official agreement to the compact from the UN Member States.


Brexit has taken a turn for the worst over the summer of 2018, crashing and burning into a heap of ashes that no-one’s quite sure ever really was, or what it could ever possibly be again. In early June, just weeks before the EU summit, politicians still had no workable ideas to fix the ever-looming problem of the Irish border and customs union, and on top of that the Conservatives struggled to contain their own internalised rebellion – however backbencher Tories began eventually laying off the criticism of Theresa May mid-June. Although, that doesn’t necessarily mean things got any better for May, which can be assumed by the immense number of panicked meetings she began holding with her cabinet nearing the tail-end of June as well as the fact the public were now rallying in the streets of London for the right to vote on how they wanted the deal to go. Things then continued to go even further south for the Tory government at the commencement of July, when the Brexit Secretary decided to hand in an abrupt resignation damaging an already fragile situation further.

As the whole Brexit debacle continues to unfold, it is becoming less and less clear what it’s actually about and just how our politicians should be handling it – although they definitely should be dealing with it better than they have been over the summer. More to follow on this specific subject this week.

  • By Erin Seils, Editor of World and Science (Brexit Summary by Rachael Smith Editor of World and Politics)
  • Sources: BBC News, CNN, The Guardian, UN Foundation


Will Neymar miss the World Cup?

Adam Muirhead

On the fourth of March during PSG’s 3-0 win over Marseille, the Brazilian superstar Neymar cracked the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. Neymar was taken off, in tears, on a stretcher.

With PSG fourteen points clear at the top of Ligue 1 with eleven games remaining, Neymar’s absence will not affect their title hopes but losing him for the second leg of the Champions League round of sixteen match against Real Madrid is a massive blow for the Parisians. Neymar travelled to Brazil with his father to undergo surgery.

Neymar will not be playing again until April at the very earliest” says PSG manager Unai Emery.

All nations competing in the World Cup have to submit their 30 man preliminary squad to FIFA in the middle of May before the nations reduce the squad of players to 23 at the beginning of June. The Brazilian doctor has said Neymar will be out of action for a minimum of three months – leaving little margin of error before June’s World Cup in Qatar. Neymar is Brazil’s main man and current captain and so, with him gone, it would dampen Brazil’s hopes to win their first World Cup since 2002.

Brazil’s first match is against Switzerland in the Rostov Arena on the seventeenth of June. Whether Neymar will be there remains to be seen.


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Scotland Faces Bitter End To World Cup Qualifiers Campaign

Another Qualifying Campaign over. The dream is over for Scotland fans. The Tartan Army won’t be cheering on the boys in Russia.

The game against Slovenia was an average performance from Scotland but wasn’t good enough for another chance at getting to the World Cup. The Scotland goal was a good shot by Leigh Griffths in the first half. The Slovenians came back scoring two goals in the space of 20 minutes. But Scotland came back at the 88th minute from a Robert Snondgrass goal, but that wasn’t enough for a win and a space on the qualifying round.

What happens now?                                                                                                           Well Scotland are not going to Russia for the World Cup. Scotland will take a lot from this World Cup Campaign. One thing Scotland fans can do apart from complaining is look forward to the Euro Qualifing  Campaign.

Things we learned from this campaign:                                                                   Scotland can achieve big things and compete with bigger teams.       We are able to score more often and concede less goals.

Our Qualifing Campaign:

We started of our campaign with a 5-1 win against Malta which was a good start. We then drew 1-1 at Hampden with Lithuania which wasn’t the best result. After that we had two 3-0 loses from Slovakia and England which let us down badly. In 2017 we started off by beating Slovenia 1-0 which brought the new year as a good start. Next up was our noisy neighbors England which we drew 2-2 , with an unfortunate last minute equalizer. Soon after that we had to play Lithuania, beating them 3-0 and in the same month beating Malta 2-0.

Our second last game was coming up we bet Slovakia 1-0, giving us a hope of world cup qualification.

The game was mostly possession, until there was two yellow cards one for Robert Mak and Marek Hamšík. Then five minutes later Robert Mak reccieved another yellow card and was sent off – leaving slovakia with 10 men. Scotland were unlucky twice in the first half from a couple of good saves from the keeper and the woodwork denying Scotland as well. Slovakia’s first half wasn’t really busy but they had a lot of defending to do, but managed some nice passing especially Marek Hamšík and Stanislav Lobotka, both making some quick one-twos but didn’t really get to anything.

The goalless first half was not what anyone supporting Scotland was wanting. The atmosphere at Hampden was still as good as  ever. The teams came out for the second half. The Slovakians started the half the best going on an attack, winning a corner which came to nothing. A couple of attacks happened after another and at the 61st minute Scotland made a sub Chris Martin coming on for James Forest. Scotland had a lukcy couple of shots saved by the Slovaks keeper, especially Leigh Griffiths and Chris Martin’s shot being saved by the crossbar. The game continued until the 89th minute when Martin Skrtel put the ball in his own net.  Six minutes later the referee Millard Magic blows his whistle.

How Close Were We:                                                                                                              The difference between Scotland and Slovakia was 0 points in the end. But Slovakia had a goal difference of 10 and Scotland had a goal difference of 8.

This World Cup Qualifying Campaign was one of our best Qualifying  Campaigns we had; winning 5, drawing 3 times and losing twice. Out of the whole Campaign the Tartan Army have been in full voice in every game home or away.

Here’s till next time.