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Aftermath of Hurricane in the Mediterranean

Loads were affected as a ‘Medicane’ hit several countries causing disruption and chaos.

In late September, there were several reports of a hurricane (also known in this situation as a medicane), set to hit several countries, such as Greece and Italy. This ‘medicane’ brought heavy rainfall and strong winds through these countries from the Mediterranean Sea. The weather centre gave several severe weather warnings to all those affected.

What is a Medicane?

A Medicane (Mediterranean Hurricane) is a subtropical system. Although they generally occur twice a year, they often go unnoticed by weather agencies and few Medicanes hit hurricane level. This weather is a result of poor low pressure in an area of the Mediterranean sea.

What countries were affected?

The Medicane hit the Greek islands resulting in torrential rain and strong winds. Several schools have been forced to shut and trees fell down, hitting power lines in the northern suburbs of Athens, along with fire departments receiving over 350 calls just to remove debris.

There was also flash flooding in Tunisia and Libya which killed at least five people.

What’s happening in the Mediterranean now?

While the skies in Greece soon got back to being clear blue, the Met Office tweeted that we can expect more heavy rain in the Mediterranean over the coming days.

  • By Meghan Welsh, Reporter

  • Sources: The Weather Channel, Sky News, Accuweather

Hurricane Irma: The Damage is Done

Lewis Mcpartlin | Reporter

Hurricane Irma’s catastrophic reign of terror came to an end on the 12th of September, after being one of the worst Atlantic storms in the history of Central America. It has affected many of areas including; Florida, Cuba, the Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands and more.

At its worst it was a category 5 hurricane -one of the worst kinds, Irma affected at least 9 states on the US mainland.  It spanned  over 650 miles from west to east, as it turned people’s homes and streets into canals, ripping trees and power lines from the ground.

On the 6th of September Irma left several islands in a state of devastation, where 95% of the buildings were either damaged or destroyed.

It hit southwest Florida on September 10th leaving a horde of tornadoes behind the surge triggered 5.6 million evacuation orders.

As the hurricane progressed north its severity began to decrease, and when it finally hit Georgia it was officially classed as a tropical storm.

Hurricane Irma was a record breaker in that it sustained winds of 185mph for 37 hours, this was an unprecedented figure.  It was also part of 2 other hurricanes, these were hurricanes Jose and Katia, this was the first time since 2010 a trio of hurricanes were present at the same time in the US.

It has been confirmed that there have been 42 deaths in Florida alone, 17 deaths were due to there being a power cut and the nursing home losing its air conditioning. Another nine were killed in car crashes and 11 more from fumes produced from generators.

So, in conclusion the damage has been done but the aftermath of the devastation is now to be faced.

Hurricane Irma Makes Landfall

Hurricane Irma is one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit Central America, and is the largest Atlantic storm since 2005.  It has reached speeds of over 185mph, virtually decimating villages in the Caribbean Islands and Cuba.

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

A week after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Corpus Christi, life in Texas has gone from bad to worse in only a matter of days. What was once a few downed power lines is now vehicles laying abandoned across roads, houses flooded and damaged beyond repair, and debris everywhere you look.

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Hurricane Harvey Tears Through Texas

Alice Flynn | World News Editor

Texas is America’s second largest state and home to a staggering 28 million citizens. However, the state is about to face major turmoil when a hurricane, suspected to be the most powerful storm to hit the US in twelve years,  is set to devastate Texas’ coastline throughout today.

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The Terror of Typhoon Koppu

Bianca Ruba | Faith and Opinion Editor

On the 17th of October 2015, powerful Typhoon Koppu made landfall in the Philippines with rain and winds of more than 250 km/h (155 mph). Following this event, death tolls have risen and several hundred people were declared to be missing with thousands  forced to flee their homes as the vast weather system toppled trees and power lines, triggering floods and landslides.Flights were  cancelled and thousands of people living in coastal areas have been moved to safer ground.

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