On the 27th of April 2020 the pentagon published videos, of now declassified, ‘’unexplained aerial phenomena’’ to clear up any misconceptions about whether previously leaked footage is real.

When did these videos first come to light?

All three videos had been previously released, two of which had been reported by the New York Times, the third had been published by a company co-founded by former blink-182 musician Tom DeLonge, the existence of thee videos was acknowledged by the navy in September 2019 but have only been recently declassified, due to a lack of ‘’sensitive capabilities or systems’’ confirming that they are in fact real.

What can be seen?

In one of the clips an object can be seen levitating above the ocean hundreds of kilometres from the plane recording it, the other videos show the objects moving at immense speeds with great versatility.  Veteran US navy pilot David Farvor explained that the closer he came to the object it rapidly began to accelerate south disappearing completely from view within two seconds, comparing its movements to that of a ping pong ball being bounce off a wall.

Are we alone?

In 2007 a programme was started in the pentagon to study incidents such as these ones to definitively answer this question, sadly in 2012 the project was axed due to funding being needed elsewhere.  The head of the initiative, Luis Elizondo spoke with CNN in 2017 citing that there was ‘’very compelling evidence that we are not alone’’.  Elizondo resigned in 2017 protesting the secrecy to the programme and the opposition within the pentagon to funding it.  Former senator of Nevada and founder of the project searching for proof of extra-terrestrial life, Harry Reid tweeted on the day of the release of the videos that he was glad the pentagon had finally released the videos however it only scratches the surface of the wealth of materials that the pentagon has.

Why no-one cares?

For what would usually be quite overwhelming information  there has been no substantial media coverage over the issue; mainly due to it being over shadowed with the pandemic, but it calls into question the suspicious timing of the release of the videos, in fact it you would be hard pressed to find a time when something like this would be released and there would not be protests campaigning for the release of any further information, instead we are all trapped within the confines of our homes wishing this turbulent time away, not even considering the notion of extra-terrestrial Life.

The videos can be seen here:




sources: BBC news, CNN, ABC news

By Lewis McPartlin

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