Christopher shares his feelings and thoughts about our unprecedented times.

Teenage Lockdown

The schools are closed and summer’s cancelled
There’s nothing too much to do
I just sit in my bed all day
And only get up for the loo.

My mum goes to work almost everyday
To the hospital – she’s a nurse
Meanwhile at home, lying in bed
I binge-watch Netflix and Disney plus.

How brave my mum is while at work every day
Saving all the patients
But she’s not here to make me my lunch
I’ve just about lost my patience!

When she comes home from work everyday
Before we call family on Zoom
I tell her I’ve studied for hours on end
Logged into Google Classroom.

Sometimes I wonder what life will be like
When we’re allowed to see our friends
Playing and laughing and having great fun
Wishing it never ends.

But until then I’ll take one for the team
And sit and play on my XBox
Waiting for Thursdays to clap for key workers
As thanks ‘cos the NHS rocks!

By Christopher McElwee, Team Reporter

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