When you think back 10 years in the United Kingdom, baby showers and other celebrations similar to it were unnecessary and rare. Nowadays however, these celebrations are popular and are becoming more and more regularly used. We are not only just talking about baby showers here, we cannot just ignore the newest and in my opinion, slightly unneeded, celebration known as gender reveal parties.

Oh yes, we are now in this day in age where there are excessive plans put in place for families and friends to gather and find out the gender of the baby. However, why does this even matter. In my opinion it doesn’t. No matter what gender the baby is, the family will be happy and over the moon so why waste the time, money, effort and stress.

I suppose some argue that it is a fun and that it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience parents should organise for their soon-to-be children and I can agree with that. On the other hand, the large amount of social media influencers and famous people that have publicised these baby showers showing us how they are going over the top for their unborn children is probably the reason so many people want to do this for their own children.

However, is this truly, where the idea is coming from? Furthermore, what about the business end?How much are the businesses that sell these baby shower and gender reveal products benefitting from this?

When you think about the range and variety of ideas, these businesses must be making a reasonable profit. As soon as you google these celebrations, immediately there are various items popping up on your screen that you can buy to make your party your own. For example, at baby showers, popping balloons can reveal the colour of the gender of that baby, another way is confetti cannons, and the cakes with the gender colour on the inside, the list could go on. However all these small intricate details can make your gender reveal seem unique. The same goes for baby showers; the amount of effort that is put into these baby themed parties is astonishing.It’s 

In addition, many families spend loads of money on these celebrations so they can find out gender of the baby, which seems to become secondary to the grandeur of the party. Yes, I agree this is a special moment in your life and you should want to make a big effort to make it something you will never forget. However, there are other ways to do it that are less extravagant and ways where there is no need to spend all this money especially when your doctor can tell you free.


By Rachel Donnachie


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