Second Plane Crash involving the Boeing 737 Max 8

On Sunday at 8.44 am, A second accident involving the Boeing 737 Max 8, a model manufactured by the Boeing Company, has occurred just 3 minutes after its last radar signal was detected.

The plane crashed just outside the town of Bishoftu on a farmers land. The farmer reported seeing the plane with sparks and smoke coming from the back, Someone else said they saw the plane fall down sharply with no visual damage.

The 737 Max, in Boeing history, is one of the fastest selling planes all over the world with about 5,000 orders from more than 100 customers.

After this second accident countries have been grounding the plane with Donald Trump announcing that the U.S will ground all Boeing 737 Max planes on Wednesday along with Australia and Britain. Even the company itself has recommended that countries should be grounding the plane. So far there is a total of 50 countries have grounded the plane and Boeing has grounded 371 of there 737 max planes.

157 people were on the plane when crashed. There was no one on the plane who survived and there have been passports that have been recovered from the wreckage that provides evidence that there were people from America, Britain, Australia and from other parts of the world.

The cockpit voice recorder and from the flight data recorder has also been recovered from the wreckage. Some people believe that these might be able to help us find out the cause of the plane crash.

The first 737 max 8 plane crash was with Lion Air where it crashed over the seas of Indonesia near Jakarta. This crash has killed 189 passengers. They have dispatched rescue teams off the coast of Java but they do not expect to find any survivors. The cause of the crash is unknown but flight data has shown that the plane suddenly took a sharp dive into the sea.

  • By Megan Brolly, Reporter
  • Sources: CNN, BBC News, Business Insider, The Guardian, The Drive
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