Thai Cave Boys Tour America

What Happened To The Boys?

12 boys in Thailand were stuck in a cave in July 2018. They went into the cave after a football session. They had already explored an area of the cave before, so they thought it was safe to try it again. However, the 12 boys were trapped in the cave as a result of an unexpected change in weather conditions. They were stuck for almost 2 weeks before being found. During the rescue effort, a diver died whilst trying to get to the boys. Once safe, the 12 boys were sent to the hospital to be checked over.

The Tour

Now a couple of months later these boys are on a tour of the USA and Argentina. They played a football match in the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics in Argentina.The Thailand Government say that this tour is not a holiday for the boys but that it’s to show the world that they are fine. During their tour they will stop at New York and Los Angeles. They will make appearances in front of the press and be guests on popular American shows.


While there are no concrete plans yet, movies are in the works to tell the story of the 12 boys and their eventual rescue. For example, Pure Flix, a production company known for its faith-centred films intends to make a movie adaptation. In addition, Jon M. Chu (director of recent release, Crazy Rich Asians) and Ivanhoe Pictures were asked by Thailand’s government to create a film detailing the incredible story of the Thai boys.

The boys are now in England meeting the players of Manchester United football team.

Only a few months ago these boys’ lives were on the line, so let’s hope this tour can help them achieve their dreams.

  • by Andrew McKay, Reporter
  • Sources: BBC News, ITV News, The Guardian, Vox.


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