Waiting times at Hairmyres A&E Are rising

Across NHS Lanarkshire’s three acute sites, Hairmyres Hospital recorded the longest waiting times, with 37 patients waiting over 8 hours (week ending Sunday, October 7th).

According to the latest figures, University Hospital Hairmyres has rising waiting times at the A&E department.

Out of NHS Lanarkshire’s three acute sites, the East Kilbride hospital recorded the lowest percentage of patients seen within the four-hour target set by the Scottish Government. (Statistics for the week ending Sunday 7th October.)

87.4% of patients in total were admitted, discharged, or transferred compared to the 92.2% the week before.

This was the lowest in comparison with University Hospital Monklands in Airdrie which recorded 94.8%, and University Hospital Wishaw which recorded 88.5%.

NHS Lanarkshire averaged at 90.3% and NHS Scotland at 89.7%. Figures show that 37 patients had to wait over eight hours at at Hairmyres.

Hairmyres director of hospital services Joanne Edwards said:

“We would like to apologise to those who experienced a long wait.

“Due to an increase in the number of patients requiring to be admitted, some patients experienced a lengthy wait for a bed.

“When this occurs care is provided in a bed, within an appropriate clinical area, with access to toilet facilities and meals. Clinical staff also carry out tests and begin treatment while the patient waits to be admitted to a ward.”


  • by Alison Kealy, editor for East Kilbride 
  • sources: East Kilbride News

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