Success at this year’s S5 Health Day!

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Yesterday on the 25th September, St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s held their annual Health Day for S5 pupils.

Days like these are held for the upper school because the majority of pupils in these years don’t partake in P.E. anymore, unless they choose to study it.

Health days are useful for almost everyone – but particularly so to young adults who should know the importance of keeping healthy both physically and mentally, especially during study and exam time.

This year, there were six different  activities and workshops to participate in throughout the day – P90X, yoga, boxercise, the fitness suite, a mental health talk, and even a Nerf war in the games hall!

The year group was split up into six groups who all rotated through the activities as the day went on, spending one period doing each.

Even with the well-worked and fairly achy muscles afterwards, the day was a success as pupils had fun taking part in exercises they may not have ordinarily have taken part in.

As well as just the physical activity, the mental health workshop was educational to many and provided information about how to balance and cope with your own mental health.

All in all, the day was beneficial to everyone in one way or another, and showed the importance of looking after our personal health.


  • By Alison Kealy, Editor for East Kilbride
  • Sources: School Staff






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