Young Enterprise Club Launches

Achieving success isn’t just passing exams – it’s having the experiences to help you progress and achieve your ambitions and goals.

First and Second year enterprise is a fantastic opportunity to build on your CV in order to achieve success. The club builds on your confidence and your communication skills, as well as teaching you new things. This is is valuable for people who would like to do business or entrepreneurial work in companies in the future.

S1 and S2 enterprise is also the gateway to meeting new people within big businesses that are related to the job you would like to do – it might also progress into valuable work experience and may even lead to links to jobs when you leave school!

The hours you put in also count towards your Saltire Award and it looks fantastic on your CV. You can even earn Young Scot card points which could entitle you to some amazing prizes.

The club also corresponds to the Curriculum for Excellence, helping you to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

What skills will you gain from joining Young Enterprise?

Enterprise is designed to:

  • help all young people develop their own strengths and talents and the skills, attitudes and knowledge to become more successful in life.
  • encourage people to try new things, work with new ideas, use initiative and have ambitions.
  • help young people’s future prospects in the workplace and as responsible citizens and members of the local community.

This year we have launched a new S1/2 Enterprise group in order to develop pupils skills such as:

  • confidence and self-esteem
  • positive values and attitudes
  • an ability to work well with others
  • more independence and responsibility
  • better awareness of self and others
  • creative skills
  • communication skills
  • new ambitions and how to achieve them
  • the ability to assess and take reasonable risks
  • flexibility and an ability to deal with change
  • entrepreneurial skills.
Want to join?

If you are interested in joining the club takes place every Wednesday at lunch time. Come along to meet new people and learn new skills!

The group is also open to S6 who can help guide the S1 and S2 – this will look great on University applications!

  • By Anna Lloyd, Reporter 
  • Sources: School staff


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