Cohen: A Criminal

Trump’s lawyer has recently been found guilty of several criminal charges including influencing the 2016 Presidential election.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s previous lawyer, has recently incarcerated himself by practically admitting that Donald Trump told him to financially influence the 2016 US presidential elections in Trump’s favour. This admittance of guilt arose from previous allegations towards Cohen due to his involvement with hush money in several cases, including the notorious Stormy Daniels’ one. The current US President has thus far not spoken on the situation, although all the way back in May he did begrudgingly come forward about reimbursing Cohen, who was his esteemed lawyer at the time, for providing money in exchange for silence to one woman, even though in the earlier months he had innocently claimed that he had no involvements and certainly no knowledge of any happenings of these sorts.

Now, what exactly happened with Cohen in court? The 51-year-old admitted to several crimes last week, and through this admission he waged to weasel his way out of a 65-year-long sentence to one that was just over half a decade. He is set to be sentenced on December 12th of this year.

So, what happens next? Well, considerable amounts of the American public are waiting on Donald Trump Junior to start cracking under the pressure of rumoured indictments, while the public continue to also rise up substantially more against Trump, through numerous rallies all over the country. US citizens have now given Donald trump record-breakingly low approval rates after the realisation of the whole Cohen situation – with only just over a measly third of those surveyed being content with his presidency so far.

This is just one scandal in a long, slippery and fine line for Trump. Undoubtedly, more information concerning him and Cohen’s relationship will arise within the coming months, but until then we will just have to remain unsurprised and bitterly disappointed with this Presidency, as well as surely becoming increasingly concerned for the future of the West if this is the type of immorality and deceit leading it.

  • By Rachael Smith, Editor of Politics and World
  • Sources – BBC News, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone

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