‘Moonrise’ ~ Sarah Crossan

‘Moonrise’ by Sarah Crossan is a captivating and heartbreaking family adventure.

Ed’s in trouble. Big trouble. Prison’s his new home. His younger brother, Jo, must try to find a way to get him out of Jail.

His Mother’s a deadbeat.  His sister, Angela, makes the money they live on.  His Aunt Karen has disowned Ed and is in the progress of trying to make her niece and nephew do the same.

Jo is alone and unsure whether or not he should even help Ed. He never confessed to committing the crime. He did deny it in a frenzy however, but should he trust him?

Ed’s crime was serious.  It’s all over the news. Everyone knows. People vote for the poor man to be executed – because he deserves it – but others want him free. The court have decided, Ed’s execution date is set and Jo must race against time to prove his brother- the man who raised him- innocent. Will he manage to do it?

As you’re taken on a trip through Jo’s life, you’ll feel happy, sad, hopeful and hopeless. You’ll be crying if you are captivated enough by Sarah Crossan’s life changing story.

  • By Robyn Bolger, Reporter


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