For those of you who don’t know, last week was British Science Week. Schools all over the UK participate in British Science Week, typically by having an emphasis on all sections of science, and many put on a number of fun events for students to partake in.

In St. Andrews and St. Brides, for British Science Week, all S1 and S2 science classes participated in a competition amongst their classmates. Pupils had to make a makeshift rollercoaster out of only card and sellotape, with the aid of scissors. The aim of the game was to have the rollercoaster that lasted the longest amount of time. We used a marble as our rider. This task was completed in groups of threes or fours, and the winning group qualified for the next challenge, but only two members of each group could go through. How was it narrowed down? Through answering a question which was related to science, of course.

The next round was split into two parts, build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and sellotape, with the assistance of scissors. The second challenge, slightly easier, build the tallest tower out of paper and sellotape, yet again, with the ever so crucial assistance of scissors. But before this, each pair would have to pair up with another pair for more helping hands. This task pushed students to think like an engineer and to focus on thinking about shape and structure.

For the champions of the St. Andrews and St. Brides British Science Week competitions, would come a reward, an appriopately timed easter egg of their choice.

I certainly think it’s great that there a week devoted entirely to science as it is a fantastic way to explore the importance of science in our modern world whilst having fun. I hope to participate in similar events next ‘science week’.

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